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Linkis has become Ridder

We’d like to inform you that Linkis was acquired by Ridder in order to renew its operations. You can resume working with your links through Ridder toolset the way you used to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Linkis?

Linkis is a free link customization service for boosting social presence. It is the easiest tool to promote your cause over the web and increase engagements simply by sharing links. Yes, you can personalize basically any web page with the info you want, be it your bio, blog or social networks.

2. How do I sign up to Linkis?

After a one-time authorization via Facebook you will get an access to all our tools. No additional steps required.

After authorizing click on Settings on the top to check all inserts and update them according to your preferences.

Using Facebook API for registration at Linkis, we don’t save or use your email and Facebook password. Read more about it in our Privacy.

3. What features does Linkis provide?

Linkis is all about online promotion, so we offer a wide range of features for links customization.

Links customization means you can add any additional information to basically any web page you share. Web pages are covered with a Linkis panel containing your data. Depending on a theme you choose (we'll talk about themes below) it can be your personal data (a bio and links to social accounts), links to your site and blog, a poll to collect your friends' opinion on the matter, and more.

All your links will be saved in your account (see My Links) with full stats: views, likes, and votes counter. You can track your audience’s feedback and plan your shares beforehand.

4. How do I customize links?

There are several ways to brand your links with your personal stuff. And you can use all of them simultaneously.

At first you may install Linkis Bookmarklet in your browser. Clicking this button on a browser’s panel you share a customized link to your Twitter.

Also, you can customize links manually. Copy a URL you want to customize and paste it on the Linkis homepage. Copy your customized link and share it. Your customized links can look like this one Try different themes and options to adjust the layout of a Linkis panel.

5. What's the difference between all these themes?

Linkis themes have a set of various options you get when customizing web pages : links to your social networks, likes, polls, views, Promo block, etc. Here you can find a short description of all themes and see how your customized page will look with a certain one.

Briefly, Vertical and Horizontal themes both designed to promote yourself or your project (a short bio, a photo, links to social networks).

Sidebar theme is mostly about increasing users’ engagement (Like, Share and Retweet buttons). For the Sidebar theme we activated a RT button and a special pop-up, which reminds your followers to make a retweet for you. It works when you simply add a #RT hashtag to your tweet.

Simple Light and Social White are the themes you can use to activate polls for your visitors. Go to your settings and think on a question you want to ask.

6. What is Convey and why do I need it?

Convey by Linkis is a great opportunity to keep your Twitter alive when you’re offline. Enabling this option, you give us permission to daily post a tweet with the most popular link from your feed on your behalf. Remind your followers about yourself while having a vacation far away from Twitter.

7. I'd like to post some of my links without customization.

If you add #NLN (#nln) hashtag to your tweet, we won't customize the link. It will stay untouched and original.

You can also use a blacklist in your account settings to share particular websites with original links.

8. I found my account and links blocked. What happened?

We have very strict rules to the content shared through Linkis. If your account and/or customized links was blocked or removed, it means you violated our Terms of Use.

We don’t approve abusive or harmful content, content encouraging harassment, violence, suicide or self-harm, pornographic content, malicious software.

9. How do I get the news about Linkis updates?

Check our posts on Linkis blog, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

10. I still have questions for you...

Use the contact form in UserVoice Feedback, mail us to [email protected] or find us on Twitter. We always glad to help – no letter remains without a reply!